Friday, July 8, 2011

Mom and Dad Why Jake the Cat Must Go

Top Ten Reasons Why Jake the Cat Must Go!

10) He does nothing to help around the house or contribute to the family.
9) He sleeps all day and is the most lazy animal we have ever seen.
8) He eats on the counter, and leaves dirt paw prints on the clean tile.
7) He leaves cat hair on everything and our noses hate smelling him
6) He licks himself clean, but is so fat he can not reach his butt and then he struts around like a diva and tries to put it in our face.
5) He hisses and spits at us every single time we try to play with him.
4) He takes up way to much pillow space on the bed at night and you and Mommy ignore us for him.
3) He eats better than we do like Fish, Shrimp, Crab, and he never shares.
2) He poops and pees in a box filled with sand on the patio, how disgusting but you don't get mad at him. If we do it, oh boy the poop hits the fan.

And the Number One Reason Why Jake the Cat Must Go!

1) He Hates Us!

Here is a video and fine example of his complete uselessness and laziness.

Please Mom and Dad Jake Must Go for All Our Sakes.

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  1. This was a humorous post in July of last year. Today it's a reminder of what we loved about him and will miss. RIP Jake!