Monday, July 11, 2011

"Bobo" the Modern Pavlov's Dog

Gracie Girl here and I wanted to talk about food. If Bobo wrote about this tantalizing, tasty and drool inducing subject he'd have a lot to salivate and bark about.

My brother is such a food hound. The sight or smell of food sends him into a tizzy. If he even hears what he thinks is any sort of food wrapper he is "Johnny on the Spot", right up on the person who has it, wiggling his butt, tongue hanging out his mouth with drool a mile long. GROSS!!

He acts as though he never gets fed. Our parents and human big sister (Meaghan) sit down at the table to eat dinner and Bobo paces between Mom and Dad's chairs and then Dad and big sister's chairs begging for food. Even going as far as resting his head on the table and looking at them with his big brown eyes salivating in anticipation that he will get treated to a nibblet. I, on the other paw, will just sit there patiently waiting for them to finish. Although I do admit doing so in the hopes that any little morsel of human food will jump off one of their plates and onto the floor for me to snag without Bobo noticing.

Mom is always telling Bobo to sit and lay down, which he does so on command. Then she expresses her delight in my behavior and tells Bobo to calm down and relax just as I do. She then tells me not to worry, Bo isn't getting anything and if he does we both will.

I swear, Bobo is just like that Russian Physiologist's dog that salivated at the ring of a bell. Bobo will salivate and drool at the sight, smell or sound of anything and everything FOOD!

Oh, I think I hear the sound of kibble hitting the bowls. Gotta run and devour the deliciousness of lamb before my brother finishes his and is onto mine!!

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